​T​op Under 30 Travel Insurance 2018

Nowadays, when it comes to under 30 travel insurance, there are many appealing options available to you. Due to the improved state of transportation and the ease at which information technology can be exchanged, people in this age group can visit any place in the world. All it requires are the finances and minimal travelling experience if any at all. In travelling, however, we must not overlook the vital role played by travel insurance.

Among the most things to remember is that the unexpected can happen and travel insurance covers such unexpected events and accidents while you travel. Remember that when you are under 30 years of age, you tend to be more adventurous and daring, all the more why you need a solid under 30 travel insurance cover.

Why is Under 30 Travel Insurance Important?

Perhaps you are travelling on a budget but that doesn’t mean that you skip travel insurance. As a matter of fact, in the long, trying to save through avoiding travel insurance could actually cost you more. Travel insurance gives you cover for certain losses or any incidents occurring before and during your travelling.

Ideally, you ought to start thinking about buying your travel insurance even before you start thinking of booking your travel tickets. If for one reason or the other, you have to get the trip cancelled, you will get covered under the policy’s travel cancellation benefit.

The best travel insurance cover provides protection for emergency medical support, trip cancellation fee, and definitely baggage protection. When you are covered in these critical points traveling becomes less stressful and more enjoyable.

Most under 30 travel insurance policies are designed to suit young couples, youth travel, students, and backpackers. You can opt to seek single traveller cover or in groups. To your basic travel insurance, you can also have optional additions such as a package for your valuable electronics.

Having noted the above, which are the leading providers of under 30 travel insurance today?

1. ​Allianz

Allianz is definitely one of your best under 30 travel insurance options for 2018. The success factor is that the insurer always manages to make you feel “special” when you seek their services. The company offers specialized insurance plans allowing you to choose what meets your individual protection needs. Travel insurance from Allianz is provided at competitive rates.

But perhaps what sets the company apart is their travel medical assistance. In case of a medical emergency when travelling, you will certainly want to receive the best possible health care possible. Allianz covers most aspects of travel and is also an excellent choice if you have a family. The company has a plan with several free-of-charge services designed for your children.

For your under 30 travel insurance needs, Allianz has the following products and benefits:

Basic Cover – The Allianz basic travel insurance provides unlimited cover for all your overseas medical/hospital expenses and emergency medical assistance at very cost-effective rates.

Comprehensive Cover This plan covers cancellation fees, luggage loss, and medical repatriation when on your international travels, although there are several exclusions.

Global ReachThe Allianz Group has a network of over 500 doctors as well as other medically trained employees that are working in 34 countries spread across the globe. Supporting these medics is an international network of multilingual medical and travel assistance specialists, international correspondents, and certified service providers.

24/7/365 Cover Medical emergencies when on overseas travel won't care whether it’s a public holiday or a business day. The Allianz overseas travel emergency assistance team and helpline remains accessible 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Other under 30 travel insurance options available from Allianz include:

  • Single cover
  • Duo cover
  • Family plan
  • Multi-trip cover

When travelling and you are in need of emergency assistance, the last thing anyone would want is to keep on making endless phone calls. With Allianz, the professional team responds fast as they have the necessary experience and skills.

Multi-trip cover.

2. ​AIG

This giant insurer offers insurance plans that cover worldwide travellers. Your under 30 travel insurance plan with AIG can include insurance for trip cancellations, medical expenses, valuables, emergency travel services, and much more. The plans include travel assistance while following lost bags, navigating cancelled flights, health emergencies, no matter which part of the globe you are in.

When you are traveling, things just happen. Whether it’s a long sea cruise, a two-day getaway, an adventure vacation, or a relaxing 1-month international holiday tour, Travel Guard from AIG is designed to perfectly fit any budget and every traveller. With Travel Guard insurance, you get valuable and cost-effective coverage that accompanies you and the young family wherever you go.

AIG has the under 30 travel insurance coverage options you want when you are embarking on your globetrotting adventures. These include the following products:

Travel Guard Platinum: The total package with the highest medical expense coverage level, as well as additional coverage when you buy the plan within 15 days of your first trip payment.

Travel Guard Gold Plan: This is AIG’s most popular plan that has standard coverage amounts. The plan is ideal if you an international traveler. It includes travel assistance services 24/7, coverage for medical expenses coverage, lost baggage, trip interruption and cancellation, strike, severe weather, baggage delay, and emergency medical evacuations.

Travel Guard Silver Plan: This plan covers your trip irrespective of whether it’s for pleasure or business, within the United States or overseas. The Travel Guard Silver Plan is perfect for general and business travel and comes with basic insurance coverage amounts. You also get access to travel assistance services 24/7.

AIG ensures that their customers not only receive superior insurance coverage when traveling but also a vitally important lifeline when they are away from home. When you encounter a delay or an emergency, AIG can reimburse the covered expenses and also assist you in finding a new flight. It is no surprise that AIG is arguably one of America's leading under 30 travel insurance providers.

​3. Travelex

Travelex is highly recommended for under 30 travel insurance as it is easily customizable to meet your specific needs or when you want a later plan upgrade. Travelex Insurance Services is an acknowledged leader when it comes to the provision of quality travel insurance. The insurer has a history spanning over half a century in protecting travelers, making them a reliable and experienced player in the industry.

Travelex has designed their travel insurance packages with you in mind. The Travelex website is also user-friendly making access to products and assistance very easy and fast. Several different plans are on offer from this insurer like the comprehensive plan that covers your travel investment to others focusing on dismemberment and accidental death benefits.

Travelex has travel insurance offers which even a first-time traveler will easily understand. Some of the positive things that make Travelex one of the best under 30 travel insurance companies in 2018 include its unique blend of products and associated services.

Luggage Protection - The Travelex plans protect not just you but your belongings too. They provide coverage for stolen, lost, and damaged belongings and luggage. The professional assistance team helps you when you want to replace lost travel documents and prescriptions while you are still on your travels.

Leisure Plans – Their travel protection plans provide great coverage. These are Travel Basic for your essentials, and if you are a premium traveler, you can opt for the Travel Select package.

Customizable Upgrades – Under this facility, you can customize your under 30 travel insurance plan to fit your individual needs depending on your lifestyle. Whatever your additional or special needs, Travelex has a suitable upgrade for you.

You can customizable your Travelex under 30 travel insurance protection so that it meets your individual needs such as:

  • Trip delay, cancellation and interruption benefits
  • Emergency medical evacuation
  • Emergency dental and medical coverage
  • Cancelling for business-related reasons
  • Cover children under 17 at no extra cost.

For almost two decades, Travelex has remained a leader when it comes to offering under 30 travel insurance products. This is achieved through offices spread in 30 different countries across the globe with nearly 6,000 employees.

Cover children under 17 at no extra cost.

​4. Travelers

Travelers Insurance provides all the coverage you will need for your under 30 travel insurance by taking on all the important risks. The insurer has been serving clients for over160 years, earning a solid business reputation as an innovator and leader in the insurance industry. The focus and expertise on innovation make Travelers a leader in personal and specialty insurance.

Easy AccessYou can purchase your insurance policy from any of the 13,000 plus independent insurance agents representing the company or alternatively go online to get your insurance quote.

Boat or Yacht Travel Cover - In just a couple of minutes, it’s possible to receive an insurance quote for your boat or yacht. For boats, Travelers offers 12-month coverage and for yachts, the specialized coverages available are designed to give you peace of mind. Before you embark on your water travels, ensure that your boat is properly protected, with Travelers insurance. The easy and quick process leaves you with more time to engage in your activities like traveling with family or friends.

Umbrella Insurance Claims - Travelers appreciates the importance you attach to protecting what is valuable to you. If at any time you find yourself accountable for damages exceeding your policy limits, the skilled claim professionals at Travelers will work with you closely to ensure you are covered under your Personal Umbrella Policy.

Traveler’s Mobile App – Most under 30s are tech-savvy and to meet that growing market, Traveler’s Insurance has a convenient mobile app available. Policyholders may use it for reviewing coverage options, scheduling payments, reporting a claim, checking the status of a claim, and obtaining policy documents. Travelers Insurance has received a Better Business Bureau “A” rating. It is no wonder that Travellers under 30 travel insurance is so highly rated largely because of its versatility and convenience for the under 30s travelers.

​5. Progressive Travel Insurance

​The Progressive Group has always stayed one step ahead of rivals in the insurance industry by finding affordable and new insurance solutions. The Group began operations in 1937 with what was effectively the first drive-in type of claims office. It also became the first insurance company to launch reduced rates targeting low-risk drivers. Progressive then dramatically altered the customer insurance shopping experience when they began offering online comparison rates.

Comprehensive Plans According to data from Progressive, most travelers are opting for comprehensive plans largely because they offer broader coverage that protects their general and travel insurance needs. This includes insurance for a broad range of trips that include tours, cruises, group travel as well as short and long international trips or just within the United States.

Under comprehensive plans, you get to benefit from a variety of services such as emergency medical coverage, trip interruption, trip cancellation, emergency medical evacuation,  baggage protection, 24/7 emergency assistance, and travel delay protection. Comprehensive insurance plans from Progressive Insurance are probably the best option for an under 30s traveler.

Travel Medical Protection - These plans are the next most-requested Progressive travel insurance category. They are suitable for your under 30 travel insurance as they offer emergency medical evacuation, emergency medical coverage as well as emergency assistance 24/7. However, travel medical protection does not cover you against trip cancellation.

InsureMyTrip - This insurance could cover you against anything ranging from emergency medical care to lost luggage. If your travel plans get cancelled, it even reimburses you under the cover of trip cancellation.

Whether you opt for travel medical protection, comprehensive, or another hybrid type of insurance plan for your travels, Progressive has you covered to ensure you get the needed peace of mind. Simply identify your trip requirements and select the plan that fits with your under 30 travel insurance needs.