What is the Best Health Insurance for Over 50's 2018?

Health insurance has an important role to play at all life stages but as you grow older, health insurance for over 50’s assume even more significance. After 50, you begin to experience more chronic health problems and you are likely to require better and faster access to specialized medical services than before.

Instead of dental braces, new concerns like cardiac surgery, hip replacements, removal of cataracts as well as more usage and dependence on prescription medications assume higher priorities. This makes having your health and medical insurance even more important.

Why get Over 50s Health Insurance

Although many of us may not want to face it, the fact is that as we get older the more our bodies become prone to all manner of illnesses. As a result, health insurance for over 50's is not only in more demand but is typically more expensive. However, that’s not to imply that you can’t subscribe to a good health insurance deal. It simply means that you need to take some more time and compare different health insurance plans that can meet your health insurance for over 50's goals.

Most health insurance providers cover this under senior’s health insurance plans. These are policies designed specifically to cover the medical needs of individuals or couples over 50 years or those in retirement age (65 years and up). Health insurance for over 50's provides the much needed mental peace in the knowledge that your common aging conditions are well covered.

Whether you are at the height of your professional career, an established business person or gradually winding towards an early retirement, you need the most responsive health insurance for over 50's. One that meets the health demands of this specific stage of life. To get the maximum out of your health insurance, choosing the best cover that will take care of you as you enter the sunset years is very important.

1. Cigna Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you want to retire abroad, or perhaps you are moving overseas for some other reasons, Cigna has you covered with health insurance for over 50's and much more. Cigna Global helps in protecting your health using a worldwide coverage plan in case you want to begin a new life abroad.

This Cigna product comes with no age restriction and this insurer helps you in designing a health insurance plan perfectly tailored to meet your needs. It comes with the reassurance that typically accompanies comprehensive core health cover as well as the flexibility of several extra modules.

These modules include the following two:

  • Medicare Advantage – This health care plans offer you comprehensive benefits that include coverage for all medically vital services and medications. They use a network of hospitals and doctors working together to meet your need in an affordable way. This module combines your Medicare Medical Plans together with drug coverage.
    As part of your health insurance for over 50's, you may want to consider a Medicare Advantage plan from Cigna-HealthSpring for the following reasons:

    • Monthly premiums are low.
    • Combines all benefits of Medicare into one plan.
    • The health care team approach promotes better patient-doctor relationship.
  • Prescription Drug Plans – The Cigna Standalone Prescription Drug Plans are designed for their current health insurance customers.
  • Medicare Supplement – This is typically private health insurance that is provided by insurance companies designed to help you pay for around 20 percent of your Part B medical costs that are not covered by Original Medicare. At times referred to as Medigap plans, these insurance plans, are government standardized, meaning that they all offer exactly the same type of basic benefits, no matter your insurance company of choice.

Cigna has been in the insurance field for many years. The Company continues to expand, innovate and grow making it a good option for your health insurance for over 50's plans.

2. State Farm Insurance

It doesn’t matter whether you want health insurance for over 50's, lifelong protection or even a blend of the two, State farm has the options that will fit both your coverage needs and budget. If because of some cognitive impairment you become chronically ill or are unable to perform some activities for daily living without getting substantial assistance – you may need long-term care insurance to help in paying for your health care.

If a loved one or you are into the 50s or 60s, it becomes important to learn more regarding the long-term care insurance or more specifically about health insurance for over 50's options available from State Farm. Depending on your level of care needs, such support may be offered in a senior’s nursing home, in an alternate health care facility, or even supported when you are at home.

State Farm offers different types of family health insurance covers enabling you to choose the plan best suited your individual situation and needs.

Medicare Supplement Insurance – This is designed for senior citizens already participating in Medicare. It offers extra health insurance for over 50's products typically not covered by Medicare.

Individual Medical Coverage - Designed for those who don't already have it through another plan or from their employer.

Supplemental Health Insurance – This is a good addition to your health insurance for over 50’s coverage as it provides you with a fixed pre-determined benefit amount for meeting those unbudgeted, extra expenses.

Disability Insurance - If you cannot work due to injury, sickness or are totally disabled, disability insurance from State Farm can cushion you against this. It provides money to help in paying your rent, mortgage, car loans as well as other regular or monthly expenses.

Health insurance for over 50’s has never been so more convenient and affordable. This is dependable insurance coverage because State Farm stands solidly behind it. The Company has a long history of excellence as it began providing life insurance way back in 1929, and has the financial resources to back their policy promises.

3. Emblem Health

The Emblem health insurance for over 50's plans have been designed to help in keeping the costs of care down while at the same time engaging the client in a health care plan that meets their needs in a personalized way. EmblemHealth range of offers includes government-sponsored and commercial health plans for individuals, families, small groups and large groups, with a vast network of hospitals and doctors throughout the New York area.

EmblemHealth employees understand the Big Apple as they work and live there too. Emblem has joined forces with several local organizations towards creating healthier communities. The comprehensive programs and plans are designed to deliver better health care outcomes at a cost that is lower for New Yorkers. The range of benefit options that include vision, dental, and telehealth allows Emblem to customize them to fit your individual needs.

Medicare Coverage - Based on an experience spanning over 80 years, EmblemHealth has come up with great Medicare plans that will also meet your health insurance for over 50’s needs. The insurer offers several VIP Medicare plans at low cost - some even coming at $0, that offer a broad range of health benefits. EmblemHealth maintains large networks of hospitals, doctors, and other health care professionals to ensure you get the kind of health care you need.

AdvantageCare PhysiciansThrough partnering with a network of AdvantageCare Physicians, EmblemHealth delivers quality specialty and primary care to residents of Long Island and New York City. The EmblemHealth AdvantageCare Physicians teams are known for providing patients with a personalized approach. Each care team is made of a doctor, medical assistant, nurse and patient service representative.

EmblemHealth is committed to helping their clients get well, stay healthy and live better. Towards that goal, they have a Health Information Line available 24 hours, and programs that focus on Care Management Positive Actions Toward Health (PATH) which are very appropriate for your health insurance for over 50’s aspirations.

4. Freedom Health Insurance

As you age, health insurance for over 50's becomes vitally important. The truth is that while health insurance is important to everybody, as you grow older, chances of getting sick more get higher and it becomes more complicated if you have a critical illness. This makes the quality and cost of healthcare you get a critical factor. Medical costs are also rising daily hence why it is important to have a suitable medical insurance plan. That is what Freedom strives to provide as part of your health insurance for over 50's coverage.

With the kind of private health insurance available through Freedom Health, you can avoid those endless NHS queues and have quick access to quality health care at private hospitals. Medicare beneficiaries are also free to enroll with Freedom Health. This is something that should not miss from your health insurance for over 50’s plans.

Disabilities Cover: Medicare health insurance through Freedom is designed for those over 65 or older as well as people who are still under 65 but experiencing certain disabilities. It covers people of any age suffering from End-Stage Renal Disease, the permanent kidney failure condition that requires a kidney transplant or dialysis. Depending on the specific type of services being sought, a doctor’s referral or prior authorization may be required.

Special Needs Plans (SNP): These are available to anyone on Medicare diagnosed with Chronic Heart Failure, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, or a qualified type of Chronic Lung Disorder. These include Asthma, Chronic Bronchitis, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Emphysema, Pulmonary Hypertension, or Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Dual Special Needs Plans (DSNP): These are accessible to anyone who is receiving medical assistance from both Medicare and the state. The premiums, co-insurance, co-pays, as well as deductibles may vary depending on the Extra Help level you receive and they make a good component of any health insurance for over 50’s package.

Freedom Health is an HMO plan operating on a Medicare contract and the state Medicaid program.

5. Progressive Health

Progressive offers affordable health insurance products for the entire family such as medical, vision and dental as well as health insurance for over 50's. Progressive Health is a trusted provider of health insurance products with over13, 000 options supported by more than 180 carriers.

Progressive Insurance is perhaps best recognized for its auto insurance products, although they also provide insurance for nearly everything that contains a motor, including medical gadgets. The nation’s 4th largest provider of auto insurance also provides renters, home as well as life insurance, although through 3rd parties.

eHealth – This facility that is available from Progressive provides you with health plan finders as well as comparison tools. These are designed to be easily understood and are easy to use. Progressive may also recommend the plans that they think could be best suited to your budget and needs. This can be either during their annual open enrollment period or in case the customer has a qualifying event in their lives such as a Golden Jubilee anniversary.

 In certain states, this insurer may even assist you to apply for the government supported Affordable Care Act (ACA) tax credit. eHealth also assists in answering your health insurance for over 50’s concerns and question such as:
  • What does ACA mean to you?
  • How to submit applications for a subsidy from the government?
  • What level of health coverage is good for you?
  • How to compare different plan costs and benefits?
  • When is the best time to enroll?
  • What plans do you qualify for?

Progressive Website – Their website contains an insurance quote tool and a handy portal where you can log in, pay your bills, and also check the status of claims. The smartphone app from Progressive facilitates claim reporting.

If you would prefer getting more personal service, Foremost offer world-class support through their 250 plus licensed insurance agents who are trained to ensure that your health insurance for over 50’s is the best possible.